Windows 10 Tips (Data Usage Overview & Resizing The Start Menu)

DATA USAGE OVERVIEW Windows 10 has a neat built network bandwidth tracker, just like most smart phones.  So if you are noticing some slower internet speeds, use the Data Usage Overview to find out which programs are using the most bandwidth. All you need to do to access this feature is open the Start Menu … Read moreWindows 10 Tips (Data Usage Overview & Resizing The Start Menu)

Toys (No Matter Your Age)

Just finished up the initial Toys page. I tried to categorize in groups of Baby, Kids, Games, Christmas 2017 & Hot! I still need to get the adult section done, but that won’t be tonight I am afraid. So check out the link in the menu above.

Computers & More

Sorry, I must admit that I slipped last night and didn’t post this. I created a computers page that includes good deals on laptops, desktops, memory, cpu(s), graphic cards, printers & more. Be sure to go check it out. My next page will be toys since Christmas is just around the corner and the Hottest … Read moreComputers & More

Opening Post

Thank you very much for checking out my new blog. As an everyday consumer and a family man, I know how much it means to save money on your everyday purchases. That is the reason for this site to begin with. In the upcoming days, I will be adding pages of deals that I find … Read moreOpening Post